Tax || Audit

Power Intel Consulting is a leading independent firm of Chartered Accountants. We provide cutting edge Audit, Accounting and Business Advisory services. Power Intel Consulting was established and registered under the laws of the Republic of Ghana in 2007.

Auditing || Taxation || Assurance

Audit and Assurance are some of the major services rendered by our firm. Our clients cut across various sectors of the economy and are of varied sizes. We also provide taxation and business advisory services to our varied clients. Our size in the industry notwithstanding, have demonstrated our professional competence in delivering quality services for our teeming clients.

  • Financial Statements Audit

    Power Intel Consulting acknowledges that there are facts behind financial statements. It is part of our duty to unravel these facts that will help us assure users of the financial statements of its reliability.

  • Internal Audit Outsourcing

    We provide our clients with internal audit functions with the view to assisting them with their internal controls to manage their risk effectively.

  • Due Diligence / Business Risk Assessment

    We carry out business risk assessment and compliance review as part of our non-core activity. Our key focus in our approach is to find out every detail with accuracy and looking out for what we are not told.

  • IFRS Reporting

    Power Intel Consulting considers quality financial reporting of an international standard crucial to the business community and other stakeholders. In 2008, Ghana adopted the International Financial Reporting Standards, (IFRS). Power Intel Consulting took the initiative by adopting the (IFRS) as well. We assist our clients in their day to day record keeping and reporting in accordance with the IFRS.

    Currently we are providing advisory services for our clients in the Insurance industry to adopt IFRS fully.

  • Statutory and Regulatory Compliance

    In carrying out our work we consider current corporate governance trends which require that auditors report not only on the financials but on the entity’s ability to meet the requirements of governmental agencies, other regulatory agencies and other stakeholders.

A core aspect of our services is TAXATION. We have a department in our firm with a pool of professionals who undertake tax compliance and other tax related requirements of our clients. Among these are: filing tax returns, obtaining of Tax Clearance Certificates etc.

Our tax service is centered on five key areas:

  • Corporate Taxation
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Tax planning and Advisory
  • Tax Audit
  • Indirect Taxes: VAT, Customs and Excise duties

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has over the years engaged Power Intel Consulting to carry out full tax audit of corporate bodies on its behalf.

Accounting || Payroll

We provide Accountancy Services for our clients. This entails keeping and maintaining all relevant books of accounts and monthly Financial Reports. We also offer payroll services which relieve our clients from the risk of paying penalties and the burden of meeting statutory deadlines.

Business Advisory Services

Power Intel Consulting has positioned itself to provide its clients with a range of comprehensive business advice for their business growth and success. We are involved in assisting with:

  • Business Set – ups
  • Restructuring and Re-organization
  • Performance Appraisals and Remuneration Consultancy Services
  • Preparation of Accounting and Audit Work Manuals
  • Working Capital Management
  • Cash flow Planning and Management
  • Investment Advisory
  • Feasibility Studies and Business Planning
  • Corporate Finance
  • Risk management