Human Resource Management

Our Recruitment Nature

Power Intel Consulting® differs from other analogous employment sites and Recruitment Companies in that our focus is not solely on employment but rather employability.

What this means is that we make every effort to ensure that Power Intel Consulting® candidates, the ‘Talent’ have the necessary skills and competencies required to be effective in their roles from the very first day of their employment. We offer all our professional candidates and university graduates dedicated Mentoring and encourage them to undergo our in-house courses designed to specifically equip them with the hard and soft skills required for career success with ‘Blue Chip Institutions’. These include areas such as project management, negotiation and interviewing skills, time management, goal setting, emotional intelligence and understanding one’s own weaknesses and strengths.

Power Intel Consulting® has a unique Talent database covering all occupational types from senior executives, middle managers and graduates through to blue collar workers and domestics. For clients requiring dedicated Executive or Middle Management Recruitment services we offer the following:

Executive & Middle Management Recruitment and Selection Service


Bespoke Recruitment || Due Diligence

We can offer your Organisation a bespoke recruitment and selection service for senior and middle management positions. The full service includes:

• Development of job profiles (e.g. job description and person specification);

• Design and placement of advertisements globally;

• The head-hunt and active search process;

• Response handling and Short Listing;

• Psychometric Testing using the Glowinkowski Predispositions Indicator (GPI)

• Design and management of Assessment Centres or other pre-interview or alternative to interview assessment frameworks;

• Participation in final selection interview as advisors;

MANAGEMENT OF DUE DILIGENCE AND REFERENCING Senior employees will not only lead and manage the organisation but can also present the biggest risk to the reputation to your Organisation.

Pre-employment screening is therefore a critical element of overall corporate risk management.We can offer your Organisation an objective referencing service, which provides reassurance to support your decision-making and enables you to:

• Verify information provided by candidates;

• Obtain additional information on candidates;

• Check how former colleagues, customers and advisors have perceived candidates in their previous roles;

• Confirm an individual’s suitability for a particular role and identify potential areas of risk;

This service comprises the provision of a comprehensive summary report, together with written evidence to verify and validate the information.


Assessment Centres || Pricing Schedule


We can also design and deliver assessment centres that will test candidates against the specific role requirements. We have significant expertise in designing appropriate job related exercises from a wide range of evaluation tools including psychometric and ability tests. Our approach is rigorous but candidate friendly; conceptually credible whilst pragmatically sound.The Benefits to your Organisation are as follows:

• You will receive additional data to back up or challenge your gut feeling about a particular candidate so that you can feel more assured about the appointment;

• You will also learn much more about the issues that may possibly get in the way of a candidate’s success and how to support them effectively so that they can give of their best.


The full Corporate Recruitment Service is provided on the basis of a ‘Retainership’. This allows your Organisation to plan the nature and scope of all recruitment activities envisaged over a 12 month period. A simple to understand one-off Retainer fee will be charged to cover the cost of these planned recruitment activities, allowing you to place unlimited job adverts on our websites and others, list all your vacancies free of charge and use our powerful search engine to locate talent from our extensive database.

Other benefits of using the Power Intel Consulting® Recruitment service include:

  • Dedicated section in the Ghana Jobs Book to be published in early 2018
  • Show potential employees exactly why they should join your organisation
  • List all your internships, work placements and job vacancies online free of charge
  • Search for suitable talent through our dedicated database
  • Receive dedicated alerts on emerging talent according to your search criteria
  • Speak directly with the talent you are interested in
  • Partner with Universities on Research & Development Programmes
  • Give back a little of what life has given you by becoming Mentors’ and gain the recognition
  • Forge valuable relationships with students and with Universities in Ghana and around Africa
  • Opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience Power Intel Consulting® have a highly effective marketing campaign designed to drive traffic and raise awareness of the website, using online search engine optimisation (seo), e-marketing, advertising, sponsorship, PR, Print and other media
  • Our audience includes graduates from many of the world’s most established Universities and Institutions
  • We can provide an online creative solution tailored to your needs to ensure your competitive edge
  • We ensure your campaign receives maximum exposure.