Evaluation & Monitoring

Monitoring and Evaluation

At the core of POWER INTEL CONSULTING’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) services is the application of empirical data, analytical research, and crafted, adaptable tools to provide superior performance management, project and program design, M&E support, and information management services. We strive to improve the impact of our clients’ projects and develop sustainable solutions; we are successful due to our commitment to continuous assessing, learning, and adapting. Through our commitment, we ensure high quality M&E services, innovative techniques, and the tools to guide evidence-based decision-making.

Our M&E work includes the following suite of sub-services:

  • Assessments
  • Performance and impact evaluations
  • Gender analyses
  • Data quality assessments
  • Data collection and monitoring
  • Performance monitoring systems
  • Project and program design
  • M&E system design
  • Results framework development
  • Research and analysis

POWER INTEL CONSULTING was founded as a firm specializing in M&E and with these tools, POWER INTEL CONSULTING continues to strengthen the capacities and impact of our clients, implementing partners, and local organizations across sectors and within diverse and complex global contexts.  Our track record includes operations in more than 5 countries spanning projects within conflict, post-conflict, and transitioning environments.

POWER INTEL CONSULTING goes beyond the traditional M&E scope, providing tools to continuously learn from and adapt to complex global challenges and environments. We build sustainability, deliver cost effective and high quality services, provide robust analytical and research services, performance monitoring systems, conduct assessments and evaluations, and provide lessons learned.  POWER INTEL CONSULTING provides a combination of in-house, international, regional, and local leading professionals devoted to the provision of the latest program monitoring, evaluation, and knowledge-driven solutions. What differentiates us from our competitors is that we approach M&E and learning comprehensively, looking for ways to improve sustainability of impacts and stakeholder capacity.